Facebook update makes promotions easier

Promotions on Facebook create excitement and buzz. Customers love them for the chance to win cool stuff. Businesses utilise them to grow the brand and get people closer to purchase decisions. If you run a business page on Facebook you likely know that contests take time or a developer to set up. That is until a few days ago.

You can check out the new terms and conditions right from Facebook.

The old terms meant any native Facebook activity such as liking, commenting or messaging was a no no for contest entry. Those adhering to the rules had to rely on third party apps to collect entries.


Now businesses can run promotions, contests and sweepstakes on page timelines as well as in third party apps. Businesses can use comments, likes or messages as entries and likes as a voting mechanism. The two things you can’t do are encourage individuals to tag themselves in content they are not in or require users to share posts on their personal timeline or on those of their friends.

Is this good news or not? What can you do with these new rules?


If you have a small audience and want to offer a prize, all you need to do is something just like this, “Like our post about XYZ and you go in the draw to win ABC”. Tell your audience that you’ll pick a winner from amongst the “likers”. Done.

The cost of deploying is greatly reduced!


You are not allowed to get entries by having people share a page post. This would have presented the best viral opportunity.


First. It’s hard to publish rules, terms and conditions. Second. If you get a large number of entries keeping track of who entered with the scrolling in Facebook will be a time sink, and a big one if you have a big fan base.


Recent research* by Facebook found that more people value higher quality content, and more interesting stories from the business pages they are connected to. While completely obvious, their goal is to keep people engaged and on Facebook for longer. The opportunity to win cool free stuff is a great way to engage.

With continued growth by Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks, removing obstacles to small businesses running promotions and investing time on Facebook makes sense. Some of those networks don’t have the ability to do that well right now and Facebook gets an early march on them.


If you are just starting out with a fan page, take advantage of the new terms to get attention and page interest up. With a small volume of entries you’ll be able to manage without too much time invested into administering the competition.

If you have been using Facebook for a while and have a fan base in the hundreds get a third party app to run your next promotion. The money you invest in doing so means you’ll be able to get things like a fan gate (only allowing people who like your brand to enter), have an automatic collection of entries, an easy way to display terms and conditions … peace of mind.

Want to delve into this some more?

– *Krishna De has a great and comprehensive post
insidefacebook.com has some interesting comments from experts in the social space

Is this good news for your Fan Page?